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Energy transitions underway are affecting Alberta’s electricity workforce

OTTAWA, ON, June 25, 2024 – Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC), released its Electricity in Demand: Alberta Workforce 2023-2028 report today. The Report is the result of a study, undertaken by EHRC and funded by the Government of Alberta, that examines the impacts of evolving economic, technological, regulatory and environmental developments on the province’s electricity sector, and determines their likely labour market implications.

The EHRC report proposes a multi-faceted strategy for human resources practitioners, postsecondary institutions, policymakers and other stakeholders involved in the electricity sector, to address challenges brought about by changing labour market conditions. The report’s recommendations primarily involve the attraction, recruitment and retention of employees; succession planning; academic programming; and measures to increase the efficiency of labour market planning and management.

“Ensuring a resilient and adaptive workforce demands that employers, educators, regulatory authorities, and policymakers can effectively mitigate the evolving effects of human resources challenges through access to in-depth research. This report will help all stakeholders implement targeted actions to support and grow the industry over the years ahead,” says Michelle Branigan, CEO, EHRC.

In the past decade, electricity demand in Alberta has significantly expanded due to economic growth, market competition, and technological innovations. More recently, the conversion of the province’s coal-fired generators to natural gas units, and the much greater deployment of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources, have improved the sector’s performance, reduced its carbon footprint, and increased commercial opportunities, while altering its labour force requirements. Over the next five years, the province’s generation capacity is expected to expand further, due to population growth, the electrification of transportation (including electric vehicles), manufacturing and other sectors, as well as technological and environmental developments associated with other efforts to decarbonize the economy. For employers in the electricity sector, having an adequate number of workers with the right mix of skills will be more important than ever.

EHRC’s report is based on a rigorous analysis of economic, demographic and technical information, as well as multiple lines of evidence. Its recommendations are intended to enable the electricity sector to continue to operate reliably and cost-effectively — in a way that advances economic growth and environmental sustainability in Alberta and Canada.

The key findings of EHRC’s report support the following recommendations:

How the industry navigates the above-noted transitions will be driven by the extent to which united action is exercised in embracing opportunities through the implementation of key recommendations proposed.

To read the report’s key findings and download a copy of the full report, please visit EHRC’s website.


A project such as this requires the help and participation of numerous individuals and organizations. EHRC would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the following organizations who participated on the Alberta LMI Advisory Committee: EHRC Board Members, ATCO, AESO, Capital Power Corporation, TransAlta, and ENMAX.

Labour Market Development Agreement

The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services.

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