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Program Status

Start Date
March 8, 2021
  • Access essential networking resources, meet industry professionals and build connections across the Canadian electricity sector.

About Mentor Junction

Mentor Junction is a mentorship platform for Canada's Electricity Sector. A free, national tool from Electricity Human Resources Canada that facilitates mentorship connections for all job types across the industry. Programs and resources are available to support your mentorship connections and to ensure mentees and mentors follow best practices.

Kickstart Your Professional Development

Many entering the electricity industry face barriers, from feeling like they don’t fit in to not knowing how to advance their careers. Mentor Junction is a free mentorship platform that provides tools, resources, and people to help you flourish in your career.

The right mentorship provides you with a sounding board for your ideas, helps you gain confidence, and opens up doors to new opportunities. Joining Mentor Junction is the perfect way to get started.

Electricity Human Resources Canada- Mentor Junction

Benefits of Mentorship


Mentorships help build connections and skills that can fast-track your career. By connecting with a mentor, either in a program or independently, you can develop new knowledge and skills beyond school or your workplace.


If you are keen on self-improvement and career advancement, Mentorship Junction is the right fit for you. Mentors can clarify your short-term and long-term goals for your career path. Expert guidance is valuable for your growth.


Gain helpful insight and guidance through your mentorship. Mentors hold expertise and insider knowledge that can be especially helpful in solving unique problems mentees might face in the workplace.

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Make an Impact

Mentoring offers many benefits to both the mentor and mentee. Mentoring assists individuals at different stages of their development. Many organizations adopt mentoring as an effective development option for employees, both personally and professionally.

If you are motivated, care about other people’s development, and in the electricity sector, sign up to be a mentor and make a positive impact.

Getting Started is Easy

Sign Up Today

Creating your Mentorship Junction account is a simple and quick process.

All you need to do is fill in your account information and the type of mentorship you are seeking. Get started on your journey today.

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Opportunity for Organizations

EHRC has a unique offering for organizations to build an organization specific mentorship platform using Mentor Junction. Mentor Junction was developed by industry, for industry. Contact: [email protected] for more information.


This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program.