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About Funding for Futures

Supporting newcomers to Canada, youth, students and third- and fourth-year apprentices.

The Funding for Futures platform is used to help you manage the wage subsidy application, check application status, submit claims and verify payment status for your (potential) new hire.

The electricity sector in Canada is growing. Current forecasts suggest an additional 2-3x more generation, transmission and distribution capacity by 2050. This means a growing workforce to build, operate and maintain this new carbon-neutral infrastructure. EHRC is here to help with wage subsidies and hiring incentives to support employers in hiring their future employees, and offering a new generation of talent opportunities to work in this growing industry.

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Funding for Futures Platform

Funding for Futures Placement Management Process

Employer submits application

Participant sends eligibility form

Processing time: up to 10 business days

Contract for successful placements signed by Employer, Participant and EHRC

Employer and Participant create a Learning Plan

Employer submits monthly claims for reimbursement

Employer completes evaluation survey

Participant completes evaluation survey

Funded placement ends

Wage Subsidy Programs

Sometimes Change is Hard

EHRC has provided a series of funding programs to assist organizations in accessing talent from talent pools they may not have previously considered. Recognizing that, EHRC has developed a series of change management tools and resources to assist with this. This is important as the sector experiences a wave of retirements and simultaneous growth due to electrification requiring rapid onboarding and upskilling.

Preparing for Change

Employers need a reliable succession plan in place to make sure skill gaps are filled as they open up.

In addition, employers will need a workforce plan that ensures the knowledge of the previous generation doesn’t leave the organization with them—coaching and mentoring tools can help to pass that knowledge directly to the next generation.

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) has prepared resources for employers to meet these needs: access them below.

Electrical Worker Sitting on Solar Panels