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A business case for DEI

A tailored DEI business case for your organization can be used to:

  • Show hiring managers the value of considering a skilled candidate from a diverse talent pool for their team.
  • Strengthen leadership communications to staff and leaders about DEI.
  • Build awareness of the organization’s “why” for a commitment to DEI.

Our needs

Where is there an opportunity to “open the door” to DEI?

  • Which jobs are we finding hardest to fill? Which ones require lengthy training and skill-building?
  • Which jobs/locations/departments show high turnover? Which ones face increased retirements?
  • In which areas is re-skilling/upskilling anticipated?
  • What new skills are required – for innovation, to understand customers, to lead, and so on…

Our current status

Where are the diverse talent pools in our workforce?

  • What are the current ratios of diverse talent groups in our key occupations? At all levels of the organization?
    • Consider women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, newcomers, LGBTQ2+ employees, and individuals who are members of multiple groups (e.g. newcomer women, Indigenous peoples with disability, etc.)
  • Is there a concentration in certain roles/levels? What could be the reason for this? How does this compare with our competition?

Our current business case

How effective is our current messaging around DEI?

  • What statements has our organization made about diversity, equity, and inclusion? Where have we made them? Who is aware of them?
  • What commitments have been made about opportunities for diverse talent groups? What is our track record?
  • What is our current “brand” in terms of DEI – internal and external? Being candid, where are the gaps in our organization in terms of awareness of our DEI business case?

Our opportunities

How can we optimize our business case?

  • How could a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace benefit our organization?
    • Specific departments?
    • Specific teams?
    • Specific levels of the organization?
  • How can we set ourselves apart from the competition with employees and candidates from all talent groups?
  • What data can we draw on to demonstrate the contribution our current DEI initiatives are making towards meeting our business needs (internal focus)? Towards demonstrating that DEI is a priority in how we hire, who is encouraged to contribute, how we accommodate our diverse workforce, and who we promote?
  • How can we communicate the business case throughout the organization – leadership, hiring managers, frontline employees, corporate and field locations?

Based on the above, what is our business case?

How to Develop Outreach Messaging That Sets You Apart

External focus: At “AB Electric”, the majority of our employees–from any background–feel that their ideas are valued.

Internal focusOur “Indigenous Employee Network” members have helped to make presentations to five local communities.