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Job Requirements

Wind Turbine Blade Repair technicians complete internal and external fibreglass repairs of composite rotor blades on wind turbines.

Educational requirements:

Many Blade Repair Technicians start their careers as Wind Turbine Technicians, bringing with them their knowledge of turbine mechanics and operation, and familiarity with working from heights and in confined spaces. Blade Repair Technicians receive training (often offered by the employer) focusing on rotor blade mechanics and composition and fibreglass/resin repair.

National Occupational Standard

NOS are a benchmark of the knowledge and abilities needed to be competent in a particular occupation. Developed by current job incumbents, NOS are a collection of the individual competencies that make up the whole picture of an occupation.

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Working Conditions

wind turbines amidst trees
  • Wind Turbine Blade Repair Technicians may complete their work on the ground (in a shop) or at heights. When working outside, they may be exposed to harsh weather conditions.
  • When working on installed blades, they must safety use hoisting equipment, be able to work and operate from a suspended platform and (if required) complete their repair work within confined spaces (i.e., inside the blades).
  • They must be skilled in the use of fibreglass and resin materials, tools and equipment.