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Job Requirements

Solar Thermal Hydronic Installers install customized systems that collect radiant heat from the sun at low, medium, or high temperatures for a variety of heating purposes in residential, commercial or light industrial settings.

Educational requirements:
Training and/or certification in plumbing, HVAC or electrical is common for Solar Thermal Hydronic Installers.

Applicable transferrable sectors/occupations:
Industrial/Construction Electricians; Plumbers; HVAC Technicians

National Occupational Standard

NOS are a benchmark of the knowledge and abilities needed to be competent in a particular occupation. Developed by current job incumbents, NOS are a collection of the individual competencies that make up the whole picture of an occupation.

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Related NOC code:

  • 73200 – Residential and commercial installers and servicers

Working Conditions

Female Electrical employee inspecting a panel
  • Construction and installation occupations are typically physically demanding. Many equipment and system Installations take place outdoors and although work is completed during favourable weather conditions, workers may be required to deal with fluctuations in temperature, precipitation, and adverse weather conditions to complete their work.
  • Assembling and installing systems and equipment involves handling and moving objects. Some of this handling and moving is manual, but heavier loads are conducted using lifts and assistive devices.
  • Workers are on their feet and constantly moving when completing their installations.