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Welcome to Electricity Human Resources Canada

Canada’s Electricity Industry - Powered by human potential

EHRC works to strengthen the ability of the Canadian electricity industry to meet current and future needs of its workforce.

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Improving our industry, together.

Alongside our members and partners, EHRC focuses on four priority areas to build a Canadian electricity workforce that’s diverse, safety-focused, and highly-skilled.

Electricity in Demand: Labour Market Insights 2023-2028

New evidence projected to 2028 highlights emerging human resource issues affecting Canada’s electricity sector. The study sets forth a road map and recommended strategies to harness the sector’s full potential and maximize its role in helping Canada achieve its carbon reduction objectives related to climate change impact.

Electricity in Demand: Labour Market Insights 2023-2028

Labour Market

Canada’s Electricity Sector is a Pillar Of Economic Growth, Environmental Sustainability, And Individual Well-Being.

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Our Programs

EHRC hosts a variety of programs that align with our four key areas of focus within the electricity sector; Funding Accessibility, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Career Development and Labour Market Intelligence.

Greening a Generation Program

Focused on engaging all Canadians, and in particular young Canadians, EHRC’s Greening a Generation program will highlight electricity’s importance in our energy sector in addition to providing a guideline as to how the electricity industry will be available to young Canadians as a vehicle to address key issues as well as we provide career opportunities in the electricity and renewable energy sector for years to come.

The Great Canadian Electricity Map

Charting a New Era of Clean Energy Education. An initiative to revolutionize Canada’s energy education landscape.

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Discovering Potential

Supporting employers who provide youth with green work experience through internships and on-the-job training.

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Empowering Futures

Canada’s Student and Apprentice Work Placement Program for the electricity industry, funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

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Welcoming Newcomers

A wage subsidy program and incentive for employers to recruit professionally skilled, internationally trained workers.

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Mentor Junction

A free, national tool from Electricity Human Resources Canada that can help build mentorships in the electricity sector.

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Workers in Transition

Workers in Transition is a wage subsidy and incentive program in which EHRC and employers in the electricity sector partner to attract top talent, with transferrable skills from different industries.

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EHRC has a range of exciting programs for everyone.

We’re here to provide valuable resources, programs, and support to ensure that Canada’s electricity sector remains best-in-class.

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Commit to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The EHRC Leadership Accord

A public commitment by Canadian employers, educators, unions, associations and governments to advance, integrate and prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in their organization’s policies, processes, culture, and workplace environment. It includes an accountability framework to ensure change occurs over time.

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