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Learning and training today will help your young workforce – and your business – prepare for the challenges of the future

If you’re like most business owners, you understand the value of learning, experience, and personal growth. Not just for you but your employees, too, especially young people just starting out on their career journey.

Of course, if you’re like most business owners, there’s precious little time in your day to provide the kind of mentorship and guidance that might benefit the younger people on your team.

That’s too bad, because young workers need plenty of help in facing the challenges of the future. So do most businesses of all sizes.

One way for young Canadians to grow, learn, and become both more capable and better qualified is by taking advantage of a free account on Youth Boost.

Youth Boost helps young workers and job seekers build the digital and human skills they need to prepare for and succeed in their career. Its goal is to help young people strengthen their portfolio of skills and projects, which in turn allows them to demonstrate readiness and experience to employers.

Youth Boost offers resources, tools, and learning labs designed to help users develop in-demand skills across a range of sectors and industries, including training on social and emotional skills development, as well as resume and interview preparation tools.

The learning labs offered through Youth Boost are developed with support and input from employers, industry leaders, and educators. Users complete projects based on real-world challenges, using the skills required in a specific industry.

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