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About PLCs

EHRC has teamed up with the Government of Alberta to deliver industry-leading HR resources to address current and future workforce requirements to help ensure the integrity of Alberta’s power grid – now and for future generations.

Critical labour challenges, technological advancements and a retiring workforce all point to difficult workforce challenges for the electricity sector. (Source: EHRC’s Workforce Transitions: Labour Market Intelligence/LMI for Alberta’s Energy Sector).

Significant talent growth opportunities include women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, and newcomers. HR professionals are shaping the solutions required to source and retain the talent pool with the skills and expertise required to meet Alberta’s current and future electricity capacity. 

People Meeting/Collaborating

New Peer Learning Communities (PLC) Resources

Beyond the policies that organizations have in place, PLC forums (both virtual and in-person) inspire change at a cultural level, by teaching front line workers and teams.

  • Bring real-time peer-to-peer discussions, problem-solving and best practices sharing to the forefront of workforce policies and planning for Alberta’s electricity sector.
  • Provide a dedicated “safe space” and resources via an online platform where HR professionals will save time and effort by sharing tried and true solutions and applying proven, practical approaches.

The workplace is diversifying and changing – and we are providing Alberta’s HR professionals with the innovative forums and resources to share their experience and ideas, deliberate together and discuss key issues, and advance best practices. This will help recruit and retain the talent we need to meet growing electricity sector needs.” Michelle Branigan, CEO, EHRC

Jamie Schrader is an HR professional with Heartland Generation, one of Alberta’s largest power generators, and is a founding member of EHRC’s Peer Learning Communities (PLC). Jamie believes there is a strong fit between her work with diversity and inclusion, compensation and training priorities and the benefits/return on investment (ROI) that come with PLC participation.

“This approach is different – it provides ongoing collaboration, and it is fluid – a topic is raised, and conversations take different directions to address immediate concerns and situations. There is definite value in talking things through with peers who bring their experience and unique perspectives to the table. Talking together broadens our understanding and drives solutions. This gets traction.”

Fangfang Xiao is an Assistant Business Manager with IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Local Union 424, based in Edmonton.

“Through PLCs, I have access to mentoring and coaching on how to do my job. During PLC discussions, I share what IBEW is doing to attract other workers, how to succeed in this career and how to help new people. We are learning from other organizations with this collaborative approach – this is very exciting for me.”

PLC Framework Guide

This document outlines the questions based on which a PLC can be practically set up. Each section starts with a question, an explanatory paragraph, some things to consider, and (if applicable) a tool.

Access the Peer Learning Community Framework Guide

PLC Community Framework Cover

PLC Online Hub

The Peer Learning Community Online Chat Room is a private, by-invitation-only channel where we invite discussion, best practices sharing and collaboration to think together and resolve HR-related issues and challenges.

Our goal – to generate the workforce to deliver affordable, reliable power for the people, communities and businesses throughout Alberta.

If you are an HR professional/practitioner from Alberta’s electricity sector, please fill out a form by clicking on the apply button below to gain access.

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Additional Questions?

If you have more questions about our Peer Learning Communities (PLCs) initiative, please contact us at the following:

Anita Gara, Project Manager

604-404-2825 [email protected]

The comments and opinions expressed on the Electricity Human Resources Canada Peer-Learning Community hosted on Microsoft Teams do not reflect the opinions of EHRC, unless explicitly indicated otherwise.

EHRC assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in any information provided by the Microsoft Teams platform, nor does it warrant the accuracy or completeness of information.

Steering Committee


This program is funded by the Government of Alberta’s Labour Market Partnerships (LMP), part of the broader Workforce Partnerships Program.