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EHRC (Electricity Human Resources Canada), funded by the Government of Canada’s Apprenticeship Service, are launching a new financial incentive program supporting electricity sector SMEs looking to hire 1st year apprentices in Red Seal Trades.

Thursday, September 29, 2022, Ottawa, Canada — Canada’s ambitious drive to improve renewable or zero carbon electricity generation is placing increased demand on recruiting talent in the electricity sector. Like many industries, this sector is facing a dire labour shortage. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) this is exacerbated by financial constraints. To ease this, EHRC is launching a new program funded by the Government of Canada’s Apprenticeship Service, to provide financial incentives up to $10,000 to SMEs that hire 1st year apprentices from select Red Seal trades in a wide array of environmental careers including construction and manufacturing. Additional financial incentives are offered for hiring from equity deserving groups including women, Indigenous peoples, newcomers to Canada, persons with disabilities, racialized communities including Black Canadians and LGBTQ2+. To ensure the success of the program, ECO Canada is helping to promote the program through their channels.

“By increasing the ability of SMEs to hire and retain apprentices, not only can they look to grow their service offerings, but they can also manage succession planning which has become critical as the economy feels the impact of both an aging workforce and the global pandemic,” says Michelle Branigan, CEO of EHRC.

An additional component to the program is access to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training since it is anticipated that much of Canada’s future skilled talent will come from diverse and under-represented groups. Supporting resources such as Professional Skills training and Mentor Junction, a portal that pairs learners with industry professionals as mentors, will also be available. When launched, the program will be administered through an easy and intuitive online portal found on the EHRC website.

About EHRC (Electricity Human Resources Canada)

EHRC is Canada’s most trusted source of objective human resources information and tools to help the Canadian electricity industry match workforce supply and demand. Canada’s electricity industry is comprised of the organizations that lead the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. EHRC is a not-for-profit organization helping to keep the lights on in Canada by enabling a world-class workforce for the entire electricity industry.

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