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June 24, Ottawa – Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) is partnering with the Government of Alberta to launch a new project: Workforce Transitions: Tourism to Electricity. This project will support workers from Alberta’s tourism and hospitality sector impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to transition to the electricity industry. This industry is facing an aging workforce, challenges related to the pace of technological change and an increasing focus on renewable energy.

Alberta’s Emerging Economy: A blueprint for job creation through 2030 study, reported that the province has the potential to unlock untapped job market and economic potential through the creation of 31,300 new jobs in renewable energy over the next decade. A key finding from EHRC’s Labour Market Intelligence for Alberta’s Energy Sector report identifies the need for electrical utilities and supporting industries to prepare for a transitioning workforce through cross-training and upskilling.
This presents an opportunity for electricity employers to consider workers from other industries – creating jobs and getting Albertans back to work will benefit from an approach that identifies and connects skills and training with available career opportunities.

The Workforce Transitions: Tourism to Electricity project, funded by the Government of Alberta’s Labour Market Partnerships program and supported by Alberta’s electricity, hospitality, and tourism sector stakeholders, will see EHRC develop relevant career transition resources that will increase the employability of job seekers from tourism to electricity. These resources will include a career exploration tool with profiles, maps of transitional skills, a self-assessment for job seekers, and a guide to attain required skills. Serving as a reference to plan career paths into the electricity sector, the resources will map the transferable competencies of hard-hit occupations in tourism to functional areas in Alberta’s electricity sector.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for Albertans working in the tourism and hospitality sectors. We are happy to be able to support this work to help Albertans get back to work and apply their skills in new and exciting opportunities.” Jason Copping, Alberta Minister of Labour and Immigration.

“At first glance, the skills shared between tourism and the electricity sector may not be obvious, but there are many ways to transition careers. We’re looking forward to facilitating those opportunities while supporting Alberta’s economy.” Michelle Branigan, CEO, Electricity Human Resources Canada

EHRC will support Alberta’s electricity industry in establishing and promoting an integrated approach to workforce talent development, in order to ensure a secure and sustainable economy.

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