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Final Project Report

June 12, 2017

Despite the proportion of women in the energy industry rising and best efforts to tap into, develop and retain this cohort, the pace of improvement has been slow, with parity between men and women remaining a long way off.

This report attempts to synthesize existing knowledge on the degree of women’s participation in the clean energy sector. Studies and reports show that one of the reasons women are reluctant to enter clean energy careers or to remain in energy roles once they have started is knowledge about the breadth of opportunities available in the sector and/or a lack of role models. However, those women who are working in the sector are passionate about their ability to make a difference.

The report identifies other key challenges, offers opportunities and recommendations for action, and includes a collection of profiles of many inspiring women who have chosen to build careers in clean energy.

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Profile of women working in the clean energy sector, final project report cover. From Electricity Human Resources of Canada, June 12, 2017