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EHRC Labour Market Intelligence 2009-2012 Report

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) wants to support the work of the line trade as it moves through a period of extensive technological change and growth. Effective training directly impacts the Powerline Technician’s (PLT) ability to do their job safely and learn new technologies more effectively. The overall goal of the Powerline Trade Development Initiative project was to develop a common needs/gap diagnostic to support journeyperson refresher training through extensive research and in-depth analysis.

In 2009, EHRC completed the Powerline Technician Project, which involved a scan of the trade and made strategic recommendations to, amongst others, focus on line-trade refresher training. Refresher training for journeyperson PLTs is a top are of concern that is not being consistently or adequately addressed; in fact, training time drops from two months a year to less than five days a year after five years in the trade. While the reasons for the decline in training for journeyperson PLTs vary, there is a general consensus across the industry (from current apprentices, journeypersons, supervisors, and trainers), that a process for refresher training is required.

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