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About this study

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) is committed to fostering meaningful and respectful partnerships with Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Our latest labour market study, Greening a Generation, involves collaborating with and learning from Indigenous peoples to provide information leading to a more sustainable and inclusive energy future that aligns with traditional values and current community priorities.

Learning from communities’ success stories, experiences and insights will enable EHRC to support Indigenous peoples’ efforts to develop the energy, training and logistical capacity required to transition away from the use of carbon-emitting fuels, such as diesel, to renewable and other non-carbon emitting sources.

Project Overview

Purpose and Goals

In addition to carrying out extensive secondary research, this important study involves conducting focus groups and administering surveys in Indigenous communities.

The information acquired in the research will enable EHRC to:

  • Learn about the nature, scope and economics of energy infrastructure (i.e., generation, transmission, distribution) within Indigenous communities
  • Better understand the communities’ historical consumption and production of power, focusing on usage patterns, fuel sources and cost structures
  • Understand the current economic and labour market impacts and the distributional implications of the communities’ electricity market, as it currently operates
  • Examine the communities’ past efforts and current level of interest in transitioning away from the use of fossil fuels to cleaner forms of power
  • Assess the capacity of the local/regional educational system, communal structures and labour market to support such an energy transition
  • Identify the most impactful sustainable energy initiatives that closely align with Indigenous values and practices

Confidentiality and Respect

EHRC is committed to respecting the confidentiality, privacy and dignity of all participants involved in this study. Any personal information acquired in the study will be held in strict confidence by EHRC’s staff and trusted contractors. Insights and perspectives shared by community members will be anonymized, ensuring they are not directly attributable to any specific individual or business entity. The identities and contact information of any community members or service providers involved in this study will not be publicly disseminated or shared with any third party. EHRC will take concrete measures to ensure that information relevant to this project is only provided to staff and contractors on a need-to-know basis.

Invitation to Participate

EHRC is grateful and honoured by Indigenous communities’ interest and willingness in sharing their knowledge and perspectives, to make this project a success. Your participation is instrumental in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future that fully respects Indigenous values and traditions.

Participate in the Survey

Join us on this important journey toward a sustainable and inclusive energy future. Your insights and participation are invaluable to our collective success. Thank you for your support and collaboration.

About EHRC

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) is Canada’s most trusted provider of national labour market business intelligence, HR programs, and tools for the electricity sector. Our mission is to support the national electricity sector in fostering a workforce that is safety-focused, innovative and inclusive. We work to deliver critical business intelligence that informs labour market decisions, forge partnerships that enable the industry to adapt and innovate and support efforts to create a skilled and inclusive workforce. We also inspire the future workforce to contribute to a low-carbon economy.

Our Initiatives

Over the past 19 years, we have implemented several programs to enhance the management of human resources in the electricity sector and improve the efficiency of its labour market. These initiatives include:

  • Increasing the participation of Indigenous people in the electricity sector workforce.
  • Mentorship and wage subsidy programs to promote employment for equity-deserving groups, students, apprentices, and youth.
  • Training and wage support for workers transitioning to renewable energy roles.

EHRC provides labour market intelligence to support Canada’s goal of achieving a carbon-free electricity system and economy by 2035 and 2050, respectively. We are also committed to improving the sector’s performance concerning diversity, equity and inclusion.

Despite the progress made, we recognize that more work is needed to provide Indigenous peoples with greater access to rewarding and meaningful employment opportunities within the electricity sector. This includes the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan and comprehensive education for all EHRC employees on Indigenous history, culture and current issues.

Commitment to Principles

EHRC adheres to the OCAP principles (Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession) concerning the storage, use, and dissemination of any information obtained during this project. All EHRC personnel involved in this study are trained to use the OCAP framework.