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The Haida Nation Solar Array - Reducing Diesel Usage with Solar Energy

The groundbreaking 2-megawatt solar array stands as one of the largest in British Columbia.

With support from Hedgehog Technologies, The Haida Nation and the local community launched this initiative to diminish environmental impact, empower local workers with training, and champion energy sovereignty.




my name is Charlie lewe I’m an

electrical engineer with Hedgehog

Technologies for the solar North project

I’m a site coordinator and part of the


team the goals of the project is to

reduce diesel usage on the mainland

North America we’re part of the giant

North American electrical grid but out

here it’s a diesel operated grid we’re

one of the highest consumers of diesel

fuel in Canada we’re burning 10 million

lers a

year the hog solar project is a 2

megawatt solar project it’s going to be

one of the biggest solar projects in BC

off grid the 2 megawatt solar is going

to displace about 600,000 L of diesel

annually and 9% of the electricity on

the grid for us to get off diesel is a



step on huay pretty gorgeous pristine

place and finding a location for a solar

farm was a bit difficult we know we

didn’t really want to disrupt any parts

of the community so we were lucky enough

to working with the village Masset and

the uh communi here on island to come to

agreement to use the airport so the

airport is already cleared that allowed

us to sort of plan and build out here

and not disturb kind of the natural

landscape around the community worked

out really

well from the gecko every move we make

in this project is aimed around being

Community oriented we’ve hired 11 locals

on site here to help construct what we

see behind us we’re training people on

how to build a farm how to run a farm

the idea is that they would know the ins

and outs of the farm and some of them

would move on to an operational crew and

Haida themselves will be running the

farm and maintaining and operating

it when we speak about renewable energy

we’re not just talking about uh lights

on lights off we’re talking about food

sovereignty as well um that’s energy and

um we pay a lot of money for our food to

get here for us to um have all this

Excess power and stuff we could be doing

green houses we can be solving our our

food sovereignty issues and uh maybe

even start

exporting we see Heder is going to be

put in a battery there as well so all

the electricity that is produced by the

solar farm the community will actually

get paid for it so it’s a big injection

of cash into the community as well for


projects the world’s watching this

project and I think a lot of communities

are hoping to get a template for other

other groups and other projects here on

island and other projects kind of across

BC and

Canada it’s been a project that has been

really empowering for me as a project

manager and really fulfilling for me as

an electrical

engineer this is a huge boost in the

community to see a project like this

finally come to fruition it’s amazing I



About the Greening a Generation Program

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Focused on engaging all Canadians, and in particular young Canadians, EHRC’s Greening a Generation project will highlight electricity’s importance in our energy sector in addition to providing a guideline as to how the electricity industry will be available to young Canadians as a vehicle to address key issues as well as we provide career opportunities in the electricity and renewable energy sector for years to come.

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