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Zoee, Electrical Engineering Student

Electricity is the same all over the world, and Zoee wanted a career that would allow her to travel wherever her interests lie, making an Electrical Engineering internship with Hydro One a perfect fit. She loves being part of an industry where fresh minds come together in a way that can actually change the world.




electricity is the same all over the

world you could travel anywhere really

that your interests lie and then your

career can follow I never knew exactly

what I wanted to do there was always the

idea of maybe going into business you

could kind of go anywhere with an

engineering degree as what I was told

and I got this internship right in the

field that I’m studying and I see myself

saying I’m part of an age group that is

constantly looking for change I see

myself in a company where everyone their

minds are fresh and ideas become reality

I’m hopeful that in the future these

ideas these new perspectives can be

applied to actually change the world


Tristan, Nursing Student

Tristan, a nursing student with Spark Power, never really saw herself ending up in the Electrical Sector, but with industry growth comes a higher demand for a health and safety presence.



I never really saw myself ending up

anywhere in the electrical sector pretty

much my whole life the goal was get into

the hospital work health care help

people as the electrical sector expands

and continues to grow there’s going to

be demand for jobs just in general but

also Health and Safety presence is

growing as well people are realizing how

important it is to have a strong health

and safety program and it just opens the

doors for so many opportunities a lot of

what I’ve done here with Health and

Safety has helped me to develop a really

good understanding of lots of rules and

bylaws and things like that I was a

little bit nervous about it first but I

felt so welcomed by everybody it was

really an amazing experience


Natalie, Chemical Engineering Student

Natalie is a chemical engineering student with Ontario Power Generation. She works at a nuclear plant, where her main job is ensuring the plant is following a safe and efficient protocol every day. She’s a problem-solver who thrives on challenges, making the electricity industry the perfect space for her to apply her skills.



I work in a nuclear plant and our main

job is ensuring that the plant is

following a safe and efficient protocol

every single day when the way we learn

in class it’s generally fear you have a

formula we look at the ideal solution

and it’s like it’s pretty

straightforward to know the answer but

that’s not how real life works so I’m a

problem solver I love this I look at

challenges and I get really excited

because it’s a new way to break it down

and make it simpler and work with

different teams to provide the best

results so the electricity field is huge

its massive and that’s why I was drawn

into it initially there’s many ways to

produce electricity whether its nuclear

whether it’s wind whether it’s solar but

how can we use it store it and then use

it a later time and that’s what is

making me always question and make me

continue the path of being an engineer


Alyssa, Business Finance Student

Alyssa is a business finance student with Bullfrog Power. She loves the potential and innovation of the electricity industry as new technology and sources of energy are developed and harnessed to make the world better.



I see the electricity industry through

the lens of Finance when I got exposed

to electricity industry I think I was

really interested in the finance portion

because those numbers now told a story

to me this work placement program really

drove me to dive into the electricity

industry a lot deeper not just from a

financial perspective but from an

entrepreneurial standpoint there’s so

much potential surrounding it so much

innovation coming through with new

sources of energy the clean energy green

energy different storage systems and

that’s really driven my passion to get

involved in the operation side


Abine, Environmental Sciences Student

Abine works in environmental sciences with Hydro One. She loves using field data to see how things grow and change overtime and using that information to help fix the systems in place to make them better. She works with a variety of engineers, construction workers, and project managers to find ways to protect our environment for future generations.



I think that the main thing for me is I

get the opportunity to analyze the data

that I collect from the field you get to

see how things grow and over time you

get to see how it progresses or how you

can help fix it and make it better I get

to interact with the public a lot that

involves the engineers the construction

workers project management so everybody

gets to come together to view and

analyze what we can do to protect the

environment the best part about working

with the electrical transmission sector

is that science is everywhere I get to

apply all of my knowledge into this one

field I get to do what I love