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Eric, CIO at Spark Power

Spark Power is the leading independent provider of end-to-end electrical services and operations and maintenance services to the industrial, utility, and renewable asset markets in North America. Here, CIO Eric outlines the exciting opportunities available to young people within the electricity industry. He points out that opportunities exist for regular business operations as well as those that specifically deal with electricity. Additionally, that the electricity sector is at the forefront of emissions reduction to reduce climate change.



this is a growing industry it’s a

changing and disrupting industry we need

business leaders we need people in

health and safety we need people in HR

we need people and finance

the electricity industry and the way

power is being generated is changing in

that it’s becoming more decentralized

and that fundamental change creates huge

opportunity for those who are able to

take advantage of it this is an exciting

industry for young people they have a

chance to not only help in a changing

industry but they can help make the

world a better place


Jon, Field Manager at Hydro One

Hydro One is Ontario’s largest electricity transmission and distribution service provider. They distribute electricity across Ontario to nearly 1.4 million predominantly rural customers, or approximately 26% of the total number of customers in Ontario. In this video, Jon, a Field Manager at Hydro One explains the exciting career paths available in the electricity industry. He states that the sector is so broad, that one can “start in the technology sector and jump to the finance side of things. There are so many opportunities available, the sky’s the limit”.



Nirav, HR Director at Ontario Power Generation

As Ontario’s largest clean electricity generator, OPG produces about half of the province’s power using hydro, nuclear, and thermal sources. In this video, HR Director Nirav outlines the advantages of Work Integrated Learning programs helping to bridge the gap between school and work.



Nicole, Senior Manager, HR Corporate Services at Nalcor Energy

Based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nalcor Energy is an energy company focused on the sustainable development of the province’s energy resources. Here, HR Senior Manager Nicole describes the benefits of co-op learning to both new graduates and the employers hiring them.