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Job Requirements

Power System Electricians install and maintain electrical power distribution equipment such as transformers, generators, voltage regulators, switches, circuit breakers, capacitors and inductors in generational stations or powerhouses.

They also inspect and test installed electrical equipment and apparatus to locate electrical faults and check their operation using various testing equipment and instruments. They complete necessary repairs on faulty equipment and complete testing and maintenance reports.

Educational requirements:

  • Completion of a four-year apprenticeship program for power system electricians or a combination of over four years of work experience in the trade and some college or industry courses in electrical technology is usually required.
  • Trade certification is available, but voluntary, in Manitoba, Alberta, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Applicable transferrable sectors/occupations:
Construction and Manufacturing


National Occupational Standard

NOS are a benchmark of the knowledge and abilities needed to be competent in a particular occupation. Developed by current job incumbents, NOS are a collection of the individual competencies that make up the whole picture of an occupation.

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Related NOC code:

  • 72202 – Power system electricians

Working Conditions

Female Electrical employee inspecting a panel
  • Power Systems Electricians may work outside and be exposed to harsh weather conditions, including intense heat and cold, and adverse weather conditions, like wind and rain.
  • They may be required to work at heights, in confined spaces or in hazardous environments.
  • They require manual dexterity, some degree of flexibility and physical strength and stamina to complete their work tasks.

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